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Abdirahman Baadiyow “Nothing can be done in our country without an agreement”

Politician Abdirahman Maalim Abdullahi Baadiyow once again spoke about the dire situation in the country, which has resulted from the two-year extension of the Federal Government Institutions.

Abdirahman Maalim Abdullahi Baadiyow said loud and clear that anything that was not agreed upon could not be implemented in the country.

“Know, I repeat, I say it up and down, nothing without agreement will not work in our country.” Said Abdirahman Maalim Abdullahi Baadiyow.

He also said that any non-agreement would only lead to violence in the country, at a time when the country is tired of war.

“Anything that is not agreed upon will result in conflict and war. Our country is tired of war and war. It is time for peace and reconciliation. Reconciliation! Peace!” Baadiyow said on Twitter.

The special law extending the term of Somalia’s presidency and parliament has further alienated the country’s political parties.


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