The Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) Police Command has once again released details of the investigation into the rape and murder of the late Hamdi Mohamed Farah at Marwo Hotel in Waberi district of Benadir region.

A statement from the army said that the case was held by Hamdi looga 11 people suspected to be involved in the actions, and other investigations are still ongoing with the depth.

Police said security forces were pursuing other people in connection with the case, and a police statement said two suspects had been released by a competent court after being cleared of any wrongdoing.

Finally, the Police Command told the relatives of the late Hamdi that the investigation into the case is progressing well, and called on the Somali people to assist in the investigation into the case of Hamdi Mohamed Farah who was raped and killed.

Read below the statement from the Government Police Command.